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By-Laws of the Library Board of Directors

  1.    According to the requirement of the North Dakota Century Code, Chapter 40-38, the Board of Directors of the Dickinson Area Public Library shall consist of five members, appointed by the Dickinson City Commission. 


 The general powers and duties of the Board of Directors are outlined in the Century Code, Chapter 40-38.  Major responsibilities encompass:

           1.  Determining the overall budget and controlling subsequent expenditures.

           2.  Employing a qualified individual to administer the library and supervise the provision of library services; 

           3.  Establishing policies, rules, and regulations to govern the library property and operation;

           4.  Contracting, when feasible, with other libraries for provision of better and/or more efficient delivery service.

           5.  Establishing by-laws for the operation of the Board.


2.     Regular meetings of the Board shall be held monthly.  Date and hour are to be determined by the Board.  The meeting is held in the library, or in any other predetermined place. The last meeting of the calendar year shall be designated as the annual meeting.


3.     Special meetings may be held at any time at the call of the President or the Secretary, or at the call of any two members of the Board, provided that notice thereof be given to all members at least twenty-four hours in advance of the special meeting.


4.     A quorum at any meeting shall consist of three or more members.


5.     The officers of the Board shall be the President, Vice-President, and the Secretary.  Their terms shall be for one year.  Officers are elected at the annual meeting, and hold their office until the successors are installed.


6.     Duties of officers:


  • The President of the Board shall call all meetings and preside at all meetings, appoint all committees, authorize calls for special meetings, and generally perform the duties of a presiding officer.
  • The Vice-President shall preside in the absence of the president.
  • The Secretary of the board shall keep a true and accurate account of all proceedings of the board meetings, and shall file and preserve all communications, reports, and other papers at the direction of the board.
  • Copies of the minutes and other records should be filed in the library for ready reference.       


7.     Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the parliamentary procedures of this Board.


8.     The order of business at all regular meetings shall be as follows:

            1.     Roll call

            2.     Reading of the minutes of the last meeting

            3.     Financial report and approval of expenditures

            4.     Librarian's progress and service report

            5.     Communications

            6.     Committee reports

            7.     Unfinished business

            8.     New business

            9.     Adjournment


9.     The Library Director shall be the executive director of the policies adopted by this Board. Among their duties and responsibilities shall be:

            1.     Make final decisions regarding purchases within the library's materials selection policy.

            2.     Overall supervision of the entire staff.

            3.     Report directly to the Board all library problems and make recommendations to the Board with regard to the plant, personnel, and policy.

            4.     Supervise buildings, ground, and bookmobile.


10.  Amendments to these by-laws may be adopted at any regular meeting of the Board, provided that notice of proposed amendments to given to all members in advance of the meeting.


11.  The Library Board of Directors, with the cooperation of the Library Director, will adopt policies governing all phases of the library operation.  These policies may be adopted or amended at any regular meeting of the Board provided due notice has been given.


12.  The library shall be known as the Dickinson Area Public Library.



Amended March 10, 2015 by the Library Board.

Amended August 11, 2020 by the Library Board